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Connaught Public Nursing Homes in Ireland

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Sample Tips from our Guide section

Post-Visit Checklist: Do I have all the information I need?

Consider these questions before you make any decision regarding a care provider and think about them after any visit has been arranged:

1. Were they happy to answer all your questions?

2. Was the staff friendly, open and helpful? Did they clearly explain the services they provide?

3. Do you think you would be able to live your life with the freedom to make choices and retain your rights as an individual?

4. Were costs and charges explained clearly?

5. If you are paying for your own care were you offered the standard contract to read during or after your visit?

6. If you asked for a copy of their latest inspection report, was this forthcoming?

7. Were the management and staff happy to let you meet and talk with existing residents?

8. Did the management and staff seem interested in you? Did they encourage questions and ask for your opinions?

If the answer is 'no' to any of these questions, think about why this is. You are entitled to ask questions and get satisfactory answers so don’t be shy about going back for more information. Good providers will welcome this.