Ferbane Nursing Home

Ferbane Nursing Home
Co. Offaly

Contact: Celestine Ward

Tel: 00353 (0) 9064 54742
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.windmillnursinggroup.ie/nursing-homes-ferbane.php

Hiqa Reports:

Ferbane Nursing Home | Offaly Private Nursing Homes in Ireland

Ferbane Nursing Home is now owned by the Windmill Group which is operated by Pat Kennedy and Denis McElligott. Pat and Denis have a vast amount of experience in managing Nursing Homes and are Proprietors of Clarenbridge Nursing Home, Galway, Windmill House Nursing Home, Churchtown, Co. Cork, Abbot Close and Killeline Nursing Homes, Co. Limerick.

Ferbane Nursing Home | Offaly Private Nursing Homes in Ireland

Our Director of Nursing leads a team of experienced staff with a commitment to the wellbeing, security and peace of mind of each resident, and their families. The centre promotes happiness, health and rehabilitation, free of restraint. This makes Ferbane Nursing Home a very different type of nursing care centre. We encourage independent living.

Ferbane Nursing Home | Offaly Private Nursing Homes in Ireland

A happy and fulfilling life is the result of many different things.
Having your personal wishes understood and your needs catered for being the most important.

Ferbane Nursing Home | Offaly Private Nursing Homes in Ireland

The Service has been designed to provide a safe, healthy and happy environment for everyone who lives, visits or works here. Individualism is promoted and care is tailored to a personís specific needs.

The Director of Nursing leads up a 3 month multidisciplinary review process for each resident. There is a pre-planning stage where information regarding the resident is compiled with key personnel invited to a pre-arranged meeting where the resident and or their advocate is present.

Residential Care Inspections

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