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Cost of Care in approved facilities

Under the Nursing Home Support Scheme, prices charged by Private Nursing Homes are agreed between the Private Nursing Home and the National Treatment Purchase Fund. A weekly price for the cost of care in Public Homes is also provided.

These agreed prices are the basis for the financial support payable by the HSE under the Scheme.

It is acknowledged that there are variations in the cost in the cost of care in respect of public and private nursing homes. Public nursing homes employ a greater number of nursing staff and therefore have higher nursing to patient ratios than many nursing homes in the private sector which accounts for the higher cost of care.

These higher staffing ratios are in place because public nursing homes have traditionally provided care to patients with high dependency levels and care needs, where their needs cannot be met in other care facilities. HSE long stay residential units have the highest proportion of maximum dependent older people at just over 60% compared to that of private nursing homes with almost 35%.

For further information on Irish Nursing Homes in Ireland feel free to check out the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) website.

The address is http://www.hiqa.ie

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What is the Nursing Homes Support Scheme?

The Nursing Homes Support Scheme provides financial support towards the cost of long-term nursing home care. Under the scheme, people who need nursing home care have their income and assets assessed, and then make a contribution towards the cost of their care based on their assessment.

The HSE will pay the rest, if any, of the costs of their care in designated public and approved private nursing homes covered under the scheme. People can choose care in any of the nursing homes included in the scheme provided that the nursing home can cater for the person's particular needs and that it has a place available for the person.

As the budget for this scheme is fixed each year, at times a waiting list for financial support may be in place