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Information for residents and relatives

The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) is responsible for the registration and inspection of all residential care services for older people, including HSE run centres and private and voluntary nursing homes.

All services are subject to the regulatory process and residents, relatives and the public should know what to expect in a residential care setting, regardless of where this service is located or who delivers it.

Nursing homes are inspected against the National Quality Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People in Ireland, and regulated under the Health Act 2007 to see if they are safe and whether the residents are cared for properly.

The standards were developed by the Authority in consultation with a wide variety of people. They place the resident at the centre of the process. The standards work on the basis that the centre is the person’s home.

Services are only allowed to operate if they are registered by the Authority and they are inspected regularly to ensure they maintain a high level of care.

HIQA inspect residential services on an ongoing basis and re-register each centre every three years. The inspections are a mixture of both announced and unannounced visits,
which could happen by day and also in the evenings, at weekends and at night.

The registration and inspection process is completely independent and reports are published after every inspection. These are available on their website (http://www.hiqa.ie).

These inspection reports provide information to the residents themselves, their families and the general public about the standards of care in individual centres.

More information on the registration and inspection of nursing homes, as well as on the National Standards, is available by:

•Calling the advice line: 021 240 9660

•Emailing: [email protected]

•Writing to: Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA), Social Services Inspectorate, 1301 City Gate, Mahon, Cork

For further information on Irish Nursing Homes in Ireland feel free to check out the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) website.

The address is http://www.hiqa.ie

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What is the Nursing Homes Support Scheme?

The Nursing Homes Support Scheme provides financial support towards the cost of long-term nursing home care. Under the scheme, people who need nursing home care have their income and assets assessed, and then make a contribution towards the cost of their care based on their assessment.

The HSE will pay the rest, if any, of the costs of their care in designated public and approved private nursing homes covered under the scheme. People can choose care in any of the nursing homes included in the scheme provided that the nursing home can cater for the person's particular needs and that it has a place available for the person.

As the budget for this scheme is fixed each year, at times a waiting list for financial support may be in place